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Bad Credit Mortgages

How To Get Approved For Bad Credit Mortgages?

bad credit mortgagesHow to get a mortgage or remortgage
 with a bad credit rating, 
bad credit history or
 even with a bad credit score 
in the UK today?

If you are looking to remortgage with a bad credit score then you already will have a mortgage on your home or other properties so remortgaging is straight forward most of the time. 

But so many people ask us:

  • Can i get a mortgage with a bad credit rating?

  • Can i get a mortgage with a bad credit score?
Can i get a mortgage with a bad credit history?
  • There is no need to worry as we work with the best mortgage
    lenders for bad credit.
  1. We help get mortgages or remortgage for people if you:
  2. Are Employed or Self Employed
  3. Are Retired or Receiving Benefits
  4. Need Right to Buy and Shared Ownership
  5. Are in Bankrupcy and IVA Discharge
( more than 1 year)
  6. If You Have a Bad Credit Rating
  7. If you have a Bad Credit Score
  8. If you have a Bad Credit History
  9. Don’t worry we work with a wide network of mortgage lenders for poor credit
  10. Our mortgage advisors have access to the whole of market mortgage products and are pleased to be able to offer finance for clients that are struggling to secure a mortgage.

The process of remortgaging is very simple but finding the best remortgage for any one of your circumstances at this time can prove be a bit of a minefield

bad credit mortgagesComplete our Calculator on the right and let us search the whole UK market to see if there is a better mortgage or remortgage solution that work with bad credit, with bad credit ratings and a bad credit history.


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